Crazy Champagne Showers in Chinese Clubs!

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I’ve seen many clubs around around the globe (over 500 shows), and I can honestly say that I’ve never been to clubs that can compare to those in China.

In Chinese clubs, everything is extravagant, from the lighting to the LED screen to the music system to the VIP areas complete with golden champagne bottles, dancers, and other parts of the event.

In clubs in China the entertainment is on a completely new level, at least in comparison to what I’m accustomed to!

Crazy big and expensive clubs are not limited to just one or two cities. I’ve played in over 40 different places in China, and every club there has been amazing.

There were certain clubs that were far larger than others, but all of them were on the cutting edge in some manner.

Some of the smaller cities featured smaller and “cheaper” clubs, but even those were still too pricey for me to go to for the night. On the other hand, larger and significantly more expensive clubs can be found in some of the larger cities, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou.

In the same way as in many other clubs throughout the world, many guys come to these clubs in an effort to impress the ladies. Primarily by spending a huge amount of money on drinks or VIP tables.

However, the goal is not just to attract the attention of girls. It is an opportunity for many to enhance business contacts or perhaps to seal certain deals.

You’ve undoubtedly already heard that finalizing a business deal in China can take a long time. It takes time to create trust, which is vital in a business relationship in China.

Consuming alcohol is an aspect of establishing this trust. It’s not only about drinking; it’s about spending quality time with the people you do business with, which might occasionally include alcoholic beverages.

So, the over-the-top way clubbing is done in China, is a result of the mix of attempting to impress females while simultaneously wanting to influence business relationships.

And it is because of this that trends like “showering with champagne” or “washing your hands with champagne” have emerged (perhaps on Tik Tok). See the video below!

Know that the price of these golden champagne bottles will range from 700 to 1000 euros!

I’ve heard of washing your hair with beer… but showering with champagne was new to me!

It is one if those fascinating things I’ve seen in China that probably many people never would have thought to exist. 

When I worked at the most expensive club of China, people orderd ten bottles of champagne in one order! Spending around 8000 euro in one time, and thats just the drink you have to pay for the table in chinese clubs as well.

Not only the events at the club were extravagant but also the company itself was just on another level. They held monthly meetings in a way like you’ve never seen before.

I honestly had the time of my life in China. Hopefully I can visit China again soon.

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