A traveler's perspective on Asia
The Forbidden City: A complete guide to living in China's iconic landmark.

China was my home country for three years. It gave me a unique opportunity to explore it and visit surrounding countries in Asia.

Ancient Wonders:
Asia, the world’s largest continent, offers travelers a view into ancient civilizations. From the Great Wall of China to the many temples, and beautiful nature in Thailand, Asia’s historical landmarks offer a deep dive into human history and innovation.

Modern Metropolises:
Skylines with futuristic skyscrapers, bustling streets, and technological wonders define Asia’s modern face. Cities like Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, and Seoul are examples of this growth, offering travelers a blend of high-tech wonders, and culinary delights.

Natural Splendors:
Asia’s landscapes are as varied as its cultures. The vast Mongolian desert, the tropical islands of Thailand and Bali, and the lush jungles of Southeast Asia present countless opportunities for exploration. Travelers seeking nature will find beautiful beaches, mountains, forests, and even deserts, each offering unique adventures and breathtaking views.