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Changsha has a special place in my heart. I’ve performed there numerous times. It’s a lesser-known city than cities like Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou. But it is huge! (that’s what she said). But seriously it’s an enormous booming city while not many people have heard of it.

Changsha is the provincial capital and major transportation center of China’s Hunan Province. The city exists of an epic combination of historical buildings, old temples and modern crazy over-the-top buildings like you can only see in China.

To spend the night after one of my shows, the club booked a room for me at the Niccolo Hotel in Changsha. It’s a new 5-star hotel that is 452m-tall…

I had a room on the 92nd floor! I don’t know if it’s the tallest hotel in China but it sure is extremely tall.

This was the view from the shower…

A man standing on top of a sand dune with his arms outstretched.

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Chris Oberman is the founder and author of Moving Jack and has been traveling the world for over 20 years to 40+ countries.

He lives in a different country every two years which allows him to gain unique in-depth insights and experiences in new places abroad.

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