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Positivity, Diversity & Authenticity: This Is Moving Jack!

Hello, my name is Jack! Or, more precisely, my name is Chris Oberman. I’ve been DJing for years under the names Jack of Sound and Mashup Jack, so when I started my travel blog, Moving Jack seemed natural!

Since 2022, I’ve been building Moving Jack, a travel-focused content production company. My passion has always been to be creative with music, video, photography, and travel.

With Moving Jack, I’m aiming to show people all over the world the beauty of different cultures, customs, and traditions.


Cities in China
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The Beginning as a DJ

Since 13 years old, I’ve been making electronic music. 

From 2007 onwards I’ve performed at over 600 shows as a DJ at festivals and in clubs worldwide, from Europe to Australia to China.

For years, I had the dream job of traveling the world and entertaining crowds as a DJ. I had the opportunity to visit exotic locales, meet fascinating people, and share my love of music with fans worldwide. However, as much as I enjoyed my work, I knew that I wanted more. I yearned for a new challenge, a way to continue exploring the world while  creating something meaningful.

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The reason I wanted to become a DJ wasn’t actually because I wanted to be a DJ, to be on stage and to perform.

It was just a perfect combination of traveling and making a living. But after 15 years of doing shows almost every week, even though I loved performing, I wanted to do something else deep inside.

Because when you fly to a show abroad, there’s not much time to see anything of the city or place you’re in, let alone meet new people. Which for me is just the most beautiful thing, seeing new places and meeting new people worldwide.

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Moving to China

I was starting to lose the energy I used to have in the first years of doing shows. Besides that, the music changed a lot, I changed, and so my motivation to commit myself to be in the studio every day changed. 

So, at the beginning of 2019, I had the chance to make a life-changing decision. My dear wife found a new job at a company in Beijing. She asked me how I would feel about it if she applied for the job. I immediately said yes, let’s do it; let’s go to China!

Even though I had never been there and didn’t have much (or any) knowledge about China, my gut feeling said yes, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Two weeks later, she got the job, and two months later, we said goodbye to our friends and family, and we took the plane to China.

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From China to the world

After we had lived in Beijing for 2 years, I made a new friend, Dexter King. A DJ and music producer from China. We instantly had a great connection and became friends.

A friendship that led us to another significant change in our lives. He was able to arrange a job for me at the biggest club in Shanghai, and it so happened that my wife also found a new job in Shanghai.

So it was time for the next chapter. We moved to Shanghai. 

But, after a few months, an incredible thing happened; my wife got offered a different position that required us to live in a foreign country every 2 or 3 years.

We were supposed to return to our home country after our adventure in China, but this changed everything again! We didn’t hesitate and chose this new path in our lives.

What makes me the luckiest man alive is that I can travel and experience new cultures in depth with the person I love. I’m super excited to share all my stories and adventures with you.

Why Moving Jack?

My DJ names are Jack of Sound and Mashup Jack. I wanted a name for my travel blog that’s in line with that name, and since I’m moving to a new country every two years, I thought, why not ‘Moving Jack’!

What is Moving Jack about?

Moving Jack is about three core values inextricably linked with traveling; PositivityDiversity, and Authenticity.

Positive attitudes and an open mind will aid in the development of connections and understanding with people from various backgrounds.

Diversity leads to more meaningful and enjoyable travel experiences and the opportunity to learn and grow from interactions with people who are unlike oneself.

Authenticity means experiencing a place genuinely by immersing oneself in local customs, culture, and traditions.

Vision of Moving Jack

To inspire and empower others to explore the world, immerse themselves in different cultures, and expand their understanding and appreciation of the diversity of our planet.

I aim to create a supportive community of global citizens who share a passion for travel and a commitment to creating a more connected and compassionate world.

Press Mentions

Featured on Feedspot in the Top 20 Solo Male Travel Bloggers: 

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Dutch Newspaper NRC: https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2020/10/20/feesten-zingen-schreeuwen-in-china-kan-het-gewoon-weer-a4016734

Vice Magazine: https://www.vice.com/nl/article/evgjxa/op-bezoek-in-de-obermansion

Interview Radio 538 Mashup Jack in China:

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Work With Me

Together, we can make a positive impact. Moving Jack is looking to work with companies, hotels, travel groups, and other organizations in the travel industry that share the values of positivity, diversity, and authenticity.

Read more about the possibilities.

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