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Nightclubs in China are absolutely insane! When I tell my friends back home about it it’s hard to imagine what these clubs exactly are and look like. So here is the top 10 of best clubs in China.

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Nightclubs in China: Club Master – Shanghai

I have worked in this club for one year as a consultant and resident DJ. A unique experience being the only foreigner working there!

This club has the most astonishing interior you can imagen. The ceiling and walls have been fully covered by so-called ‘moving heads’, lights that can change any color and go into any direction. The lights are programmed to move in a specific way to create the illusion of light being bent! It’s a one-of-a-kind system that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. No wonder they called it Club Master.

The light system has been designed by the Japanese company TeamLab. They have expositions where you can get lost in a world of lights and illusions.

They even had shows with full orchestra’s combined with DJ’s and electronic music.

You can imagine that this is the most expensive club of China.

Space Plus – Guangzhou

It’s one of the biggest clubs in China, with a capacity of 4000 people and a LED screen bigger than 3 cinemas combined. Not only is the club big, but the service is also next level. While going to the toilet, you will get a neck massage, chewinggum, some perfume, while standing there having a tinkle! I’ve experienced it myself, crazy!

There are literally more than hundreds of servants, cleaners, and waiters that will help you with anything. After you go to the bathroom, they will guide you back to your area. Oh, did you drink too much? No problem, we’ll help you get to the bar or help you get back on your feet. Do you need ice? A towel? or hold your phone for a minute? No problem.

Playhouse – Chengdu

Playhouse is one of the most famous club brands in China. They have been on top of the game for many years, and it shows because they genuinely know how to set up an event with a next level party vibe. The show elements are insane they have, dancers, flames, inflatables, MCs, teddy bears, fireworks, confetti, lasers, rows of 10 champagne bottles brought by dancers, and so on… 

Playhouse has clubs in cities like Chengdu, Changsha, Chongqing and Xian. 

Exit - Changsha

One of the best clubs ins China is Club Exit. Most clubs in China have a certain similar setup, except club Exit in Changsha

It’s best described as a vast underground German techno club, but in China, so it comes with the biggest LED screen you can imagine. It looks like a long rectangle-shaped Batman cave in the future where you can wander in the dark. I’ve had some crazy nights in this club. I sometimes wonder why there aren’t any clubs like this in Europe!

Illusion Pro – Wuhan

The first time I played here, I thought I was tripping when I saw the whole ceiling coming down. At first, it looked like a regular club, but 15 minutes into my show, boom! the en-ti-re light system came down and changed into small cubes with visuals. I was blown away. 

When I finished, I went to the green room (the room where the guest DJ can relax), and I was blown away again. The room was filled with LED stripes like one big LED cube. It was like I was transported from the club lights into the light cubes.!

One Third - Kunming

In the southwest of China, near the borders of Vietnam and Myanmar, lies the city Kunming. 

When I arrived at the airport, a club employee picked me up. As humble and polite Chinese people are, he welcomes me and apologizes for arriving in such a small city. He says only 7 million people are living in Kunming… 7 million! That’s almost half of The Netherlands!

When we walked into the green room, I was amazed at what they had arranged for me. The club owner made a 3 x 3-meter big poster with photos from my previous shows. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I felt truly honored.

One Third is one of those Chinese club brands that have been there from the very beginning. It’s a well-established brand that knows how to organize insane events; the hospitality couldn’t be better.

Warehouse Galame – Foshan

As the name says, it’s an underground warehouse! It isn’t famous for its lights or gigantic LED screen. But this is a location where only true ravers and music lovers come to.

There’s an atmosphere that you will not find in most other clubs. The visitors will know the music and lyrics by heart.


Rooftop Bar - The Bund

Ok, ok, it’s a rooftop bar… but it must be mentioned in the Top 10. It’s surrounded by skyscrapers decorated with LED screens and has a view over the famous Bund area. I was in awe when I walked up to the dance floor. Absolutely stunning and mesmerising to see the entire city center filled with lights… while enjoying the cheapest beer from the menu of course… because, well, you know 💸.

D5 - Liuzhou

Another “small” city, with only 2,2 million residents! 

Like most clubs, this club has an impressive LED screen, but this was the highest I have ever seen!

I would say it’s about 10 meters high, which is just mind-blowing. Not to mention the sound system

First Club - Changzhou

Changzhou is a kind of unknown small city close to Shanghai. But, even the smallest towns in China have the most insane clubs. 

This is one of my personal favorites. It’s not as extreme and over-the-top as most other clubs, but it has the right mix of everything.

Final thoughts on Nightclubs in China

Some of the most amazing and expensive nightclubs in the world are in China. 

The way these nightclubs are designed and decorated is really impressive. They pay close attention to every detail, which creates an atmosphere that makes people feel like they’re in another world. Traditional Chinese culture meets modern technology and art in an epic way.

All clubs I’ve been to  work hard to make sure their guests are safe and have a good time. Security measures and rules are strict to make sure that people can go to the party without worrying about their safety.

Whether you live in the area or are just visiting, the nightclubs in China are a must-see for anyone who wants to experience this hidden world.

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