A traveler's perspective on Beijing
The Forbidden City: A complete guide to living in China's iconic landmark.

Historical Majesty:
Beijing is a travel diary filled with centuries-old tales. The Forbidden City stands as a testament to China’s imperial past, while the nearby Great Wall showcases the nation’s historical defenses. Walking through Beijing’s ancient hutongs, you’re transported back in time, witnessing the city’s living history.

Modern Pulse:
Yet, Beijing isn’t just about the past. The city’s modern architecture, from the Bird’s Nest Stadium to the CCTV Tower, reflects its aspirations and growth. As travelers explore, they encounter bustling markets, innovative tech hubs, and a dynamic arts scene.

Cultural Delights:
Beijing’s culture is a rich tapestry of traditions and innovations. Peking opera performances, tea ceremonies, and local festivals blend seamlessly with contemporary music, art, and fashion, offering travelers a diverse cultural experience.