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Moving Jack is aiming to show people all around the globe the beauty of cultures, peoples’ habits and traditions.  It’s a gateway to look deeper into different countries by seeing and reading about them in a way that goes beyond the average holiday. It will give people new perspectives on their own behaviors, which will improve the quality of their life.

Traveling and positivity are inextricably linked. Positive attitudes and an open mind will aid in the development of connections and understanding with people from various backgrounds.

More positivity is needed in the world and Moving Jack attempts to contribute to that.


Moving Jack focusses on diversity by diving into any path that lies ahead. One of the goals is to show people different cultures, customs, and ways of life, broadening their perspective and understanding of the world. Traveling is the ultimate tool to accomplish that.

Diversity leads to more meaningful and enjoyable travel experiences, as well as the opportunity to learn and grow from interactions with people who are unlike oneself.

It’s also important to recognize that travel can be a luxury, that not everyone has equal access to or can travel. It is something that many people cannot afford owing to financial, physical, or other limitations. We can not take the ability to travel for granted.


Moving Jack provides authentic stories. This includes not just travel schedules to assist visitors make the most of their vacation, but also stories, movies, and photographs about other experiences and adventures in foreign countries.

This provides greater knowledge and appreciation for places that people are visiting rather than merely perceiving it as a tourist attraction.

When it comes to traveling, authenticity means experiencing a place in a genuine way, by immersing oneself in local customs, culture, and traditions. It’s about seeking out unique and lesser-known experiences and engaging with the local community.

Let’s collab

Together, we can make a positive impact. Moving Jack is looking to work with companies, hotels, travel groups, and other organisations in the travel industry that share the values of positivity, diversity, and authenticity.

Collaborations may involve:

Dedicated content creation

Stories, blog posts, custom made videos on location, and photography.

Advertisement on the website

Advertise on the frontpage, blog posts or on Moving Jack's social media.

Affiliate link-placement

Apply affiliate links in blog posts to increase traffic.

Creative partnership

Partner up for creative collaborations

Let's go!