What’s In My 2023 Edition Camera Bag?

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If you’re going on a vacation soon and want to take some epic shots, or if you’re in the market for a new camera, have a look at the gear I carry to get some ideas.

My very first digital camera was the Sony RX100, a little camera with surprisingly high image quality. I took it with me to several countries in Asia like Japan and China. But, because of the smaller sensor, low-light performance suffers significantly.

A larger camera with a full frame sensor allowed me to obtain those stunning, film-like shots even in dim lighting, so I made the jump to it not too long ago.

Check out the 2023 edition of my camera bag:

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Before we dive in the bag… what bag?

The travel companion that I always take on my back for a free ride is the WANDRD All-New Prvke in Yuma Tan color. It is a very versatile bag that protects your camera and other belongings. The distribution inside the bag is adjustable to fit any kind of camera and accessories. It’s water, sand and dust resistant which is essential for your camera and lenses.

It’s also not too big and not too small. For example, I always like to keep my camera bag with my on the plane and it’s just small enough to keep it under your legs, so you don’t have to put it in the compartment above your head. But it’s big enough to fit everything I need.

I chose this specific light color because of the temperatures during summers. This way the bag doesn’t get too hot, and your camera will less likely overheat.

I also really enjoy how easy it is to access your camera via the bag’s side opening, almost as fast as a cowboy reaching for his pistol in a duel (*camera shutter sound*).


The Best Camera While Traveling

The Sony A7C Camera. If you’re planning on doing a lot of traveling and want some great images from your trips, this is the camera to have. It packs greater power and portability than competing full-frame cameras into a smaller body, making it an excellent travel companion.

The reduced size may not seem like a huge deal at first sight. Who cares if it’s a centimeter or two smaller or a few grams lighter? You have a bag on your shoulder already. The truth is, because of its low weight and smaller size, you will really bring it with you to a lot more occasions.

Having it in your hand for the whole afternoon is very convenient so there will be much more opportunities to capture awesome shots.

Besides, you never know what exciting things can happen when you are traveling, therefore it’s always good to have a camera in your hand.

The battery life of this camera is also a huge plus. You can continuously record video or snap images for a whole day without worrying about entirely depleting the battery. This not only prevents you from having to carry along an unnecessary assortment of batteries, but it also saves you money.

Traveling with the
Sony a7C Camera
Sony a7c camera closeup 8 moving jack copyright moving jack • camera bag, sony a7c, a7c camera, travelling


But what good is a camera without a lens? It looks nice on a cabinet but not much more, so I use the Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G. It has a wide view which makes it perfect for street and landscape photography. And in case you want to shoot during the evening the F2.8 makes sure you get enough light into your lens.


If I want to be more flexible with what I want to take photos of during the day I use the Sony 28-60mm F/4-5.6


Filters can improve color saturation, lens flare, and lessen the amount of light that enters the camera. Every lens filter is designed to do something unique that can improve the final appearance of the photo you take. They don’t weigh anything so keep a few different ones in your bag to be prepared for any situation.

I use the Hoya Digital Filter Kit as seen below in the photo.

Lens cleaning kit

Because of their fragility, lenses need special care. T-shirts should not be used to remove dust or moisture from the surface! Protect your lens from scratching by using a lens cleaning kit. I like to keep a new one in packaging to be sure it’s clean.

SD Card

I shoot all my photos in RAW and JPEG at the same time, so it’s a good idea to have SD cards with you with enough space, to store all the photos. I shoot in RAW because it’s the highest quality you can get, and you can adjust anything you want afterwards in Lightroom. I also have JPEG turned on because that works much faster to browse to all the photos on my computer than opening a huge RAW file every time.


If you want to give your films a professional look, a gimbal is a must-have. A major drawback is its bulk and weight, which ensures it won’t tremble too much, but it makes it inconvenient to transport. I only bring it along if I know for a certain that I will be making videos.


I use the ZhiYun Crane. It’s not too expensive and the build quality is superb.

Small Gimbal

Is this called a gimbal? I don’t know, but it’s a handy thing to keep your camera a bit more still. It’s only useful for your phone camera. The DJI Osmo mobile works perfect for steady shots with your phone.

Mini Gimbal?

Let’s just call it a mini gimbal. It doesn’t weigh anything, so I always keep it in my bag just in case. It’s not necessary for taking photos but for video it makes a bit of a difference. It’s convenient when you don’t want to stand out too much when you’re walking in a crowded area.

Micro gimbal

Just kidding.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is a peculiar item that I started to like more and more. There are a few reasons why I added it to my gear list. The Apple Watch Ultra doesn’t overheat, even at 50 degrees.

Since I will be living in different countries including ones that get crazy hot in the summer, it’s an extra layer of security that I can carry with me. My iPhone will overheat pretty fast but the Apple Watch Ultra makes sure I can always reach out if needed. Plus, the battery lasts for about three days which is another plus for security. Oh, and It also looks fabulous…

I have the trail wristband attached to it. It feels super comfortable, I can even sleep with it without feeling it on my wrist.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

They say the best camera is the camera you have with you. So, to be prepared for any situation to take photos of I use the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Pro Max series uses a bigger sensor and has a better camera than the other series. Check out some of my more spontaneous taken snapshots I took with my iPhone.

Backup Hard Disks

Samsung Portable SSD T5 all the way, these hard disks are incredibly small and light weight and super-fast. Get a rubber cover for it and you’re good to go.

Macbook M-1 13 inch

A small and light, but powerful computer to do all my editing.

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He lives in a different country every two years which allows him to gain unique in-depth insights and experiences in new places abroad.

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