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I’ve been at over 70 different clubs in China from lesser known cities in the north like Changchun to Shantou in the south.

But the most expensive club was in, probably the most expensive city in China, Shanghai.

So why does this matter? Because the club scene in China just such a different world than Europe or any other place on earth. And so are the astronomical high prices they charge for drinks and tables.

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No Dance Floor But Tables

Yes, tables! I would say that 90% of the clubs in China have tables instead of a dance floor like in most other countries.

You can rent a table for a night and they charge different prices depending on where the table is, the view or how close it is to the DJ booth. The closer it is, the more expensive.

So don’t they want to dance? Well, yes, but if you pay a lot for a table you would want to stay at the table of course. So they dance on the table and couches. Which gives a party vibe on a different level, literally!

So what do they charge for a table? The price for a table all the way in the back starts at 13000 RMB which is around 1800 dollar. This is just for 1 night and not including any drinks! Just some fruit, water and of course your personal waiter. The most expensive tables are in the front near the DJ booth and cost 39000 RMB (5400 dollar).

And there are even more expensive tables that don’t have a price but are being auctioned for whatever the highest bidder wants to pay. I’ve heard that this can go up to 10.000 dollar on a special night.

Absolutely insane! That’s like half a year salary for a lot of people. And these prices aren’t even an exception.

Ordering Drinks

So how about drinks? Let’s start with a beer which costs 100 RMB which is around 14 dollar. Expensive, but not uncommon at for example Ibiza or other fancy places.

It gets crazy when you would like to order some champagne.

So, obviously, you can’t order by glass but you will need to order a bottle. Sure no problem! If you’re willing to pay 1700 RMB (240 dollar). But that’s for the cheapest champagne. It goes up to 19999 RMB (2800 dollar). 

Champagne Parade

But why just one bottle of champagne? Let’s order a package of 12 bottles! I’ve seen this getting ordered so many times. It just baffles me every time. 

The price you ask? 129999 RMB, that is a whopping 18000 dollar (!). And keep in mind that you already paid a few 1000 dollar for the table!

As you can see in the video, they bring it to your table in style. Sometimes they bring it with dancers and lasers shooting from the champagne bottles.


It’s one of those mind blowing things I’ve experienced in China. And not many people outside of China know about this club scene. The news abroad is mostly focussed on political issues, but from my experience the people in China are totally focused on different things. There is an amazing, interesting, friendly and welcoming club scene that you will not find anywhere else.

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