Visiting The Avatar Mountains (Zhangjiajie)

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The Avatar Mountains! We’ve all seen  the movie so this has to be on the list of things to see in China. The area is called Zhangjiajie. It’s pronounced just like you think it would ;).

These mountains have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. “Zhang” is a common last name in China. “Jia” may be translated as “family”, and Jie as “homeland”. Which makes Zhangjiajie, Zhang family homeland.

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Valley Lodge No. 5

We stayed for 1 week at The Valley Lodge No5. A beautiful location right at the heart of a valley close to the mountains. You could see the sun set right in the center of the valley. You can enjoy a spectacular view while swimming in an infinity pool.


Moreover, we haven’t even gotten to the greatest part yet! This was just an alpine valley, far from civilization.

The hotel provides golf cart transportation to the bus terminal. The bus terminal for the area’s well-known mountains and landmarks. BTW, the staff was really helpful and kind.

Tianzi Mountain

It’s a rather well mapped out area with several bus stops. The bus goes in a circle, and you can hop on and off. It brings you to all the viewing points and other areas. First stop, Tianzi Mountain!

There are many different routes one might take to investigate the mountains. You may travel down down into the valley and stroll a beautiful trail way, or you can take the bus and a cablecard up.

Bailong Elevator

Who wants to climb a mountain when you can just take the elevator? This is one of those things why I love China. Nothing is too crazy or too big to build in China. There is the huge Bailong elevator, but also a giant transparent bridge made of glass, sure why not! (I didn’t dare to go there btw!)

The Path Upstairs

The Path Downstairs

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It is a wonderful and unique adventure to go to China and check out the Avatar mountains.

Unfortunately, as a result of the stringent limitations set out because of Covid-19, the borders of China have been sealed off for the last several years.

People will finally be able to visit Zhangjiajie’s Avatar Mountains if the borders are reopened, which hopefully won’t be too long from now.

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