Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia

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The Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is in my opinion the most stunning natural area of Croatia. 16 lakes, all connected to each other through waterfalls and rivers with crystal clear water. It’s even part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

There are seven separate paths to choose, and they all range in duration. The vast majority of hikers choose for the easiest path. Most visitors avoid the most popular attraction, Veliki Slap, which means Big Waterfall, because it is too far. I would highly recommend taking one of the longer paths and go see it! It will be less crowded than then other trails. You won’t even notice how far you’ve traveled since the park is so stunning.

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Two separate entrances (1 and 2) lead into Plitvice Lakes National Park. The lower lakes are nearer to Entrance 1, while the higher lakes are nearer to Entrance 2. Typically, entrance number 2 is closed during winter times.

Routes starting from Entrance 1

· Route A (3.5 kilometers)

This is the shortest loop that takes in the main waterfall and the four lower lakes Novakova brod, Kaluerovac, Gavanovac, and Milanovac. A section of the canyon is also accessible through the Kozjak Bridge. This is the most crowded route.

· Route B (5 kilometers)

This trip includes the canyon, the panoramic train trip, Kozjak Lake, the panoramic train, the lower lakes, and the huge waterfall. Also a very crowded route.

· Route C (8 kilometers)

This is the route I took which is a nice compromise between seeing almost all the beautiful spots and not having to walk too long.

It will take show you both the top and the lower lakes, major waterfall and numerous lesser waterfalls including Veliki Prštavac and Mali Prštavac. There is a boat and a scenic train journey included in this route.

· Route K1 (18 kilometer)

This is a very long route only meant for experienced hikers. You can also start this route from Entrance number 2. This path contains everything there is to see in the parc, from the the lower lakes, higher lakes to the large waterfall and Stubica hill. If you walk along the coast you will see even more than then when you take the boat.

Routes Starting from Entrance 2

· Route E (5 kilometers)

This hike will pass by the the upper lakes and the Prtavci waterfalls. It lacks the larger waterfall but features the stunning Prtavci waterfalls. It’s a short but crowded path during spring and autumn.

· Route F (4.5 kilometers)

This route will go through the lower area of the parc. You won’t get to see the beautiful Prtavci waterfalls, but you will see the massive waterfall and its accompanying viewpoints.

· Route H (9 kilometers)

You’ll see the upper lakes, the lower lakes, the major waterfall, and the vantage spots along this path. An additional option is a cruise on Lake Kozjak. Except for the Stubica Elevation, it shows you almost everything else there is to view in the parc.

· Route K2 (18 kilometers)

It’s the same as Route K1 but in the opposite direction. The Stubica Elevation, the Upper Lakes, and the Lower Lakes are all part of the route.

The Best time to visit The Plitvice Lakes National Park

It depends on what your preference is. In spring and autumn, the colors of the plants and trees is stunning, but it will be much more crowded.

In the winter or summer, it will be less crowded but you won’t get the spring and autumn colors in the parc. Tickets will be cheaper tho.

I went to the parc in the summer in July. It wasn’t too hot and there is enough shade to cool down if you get too warm from hiking. It also wasn’t very crowded.


It’s a beautiful area and perhaps the most stunning area of Croatia so if you are in the area, it is definitely worth the visit. Some recommend spending two days at the park but in my opinion one full day is fine, there are also some wonderful beaches in Croatia! Perfect to relax after a long hike.

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