Cities in Europe: Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities in European Countries to Visit in 2023.

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Cities in Europe are incredibly diverse. Drive for 2 hours and you’re surrounded in a completely different European style of architecture and culture.

With so many countries and cities to visit in Europe, it can be hard to decide where to go. So where in Europe to go? In this article, we will explore my 2023 top 5 cities on Europe. Some are lesser-known cities but each European city with its own unique charm and character.

Whether you’re looking for art and culture, history, or simply a place to relax and soak up the atmosphere, these 5  cities in Europe, in eastern and western Europe have something for everyone.

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Cities in Europe · Malaga

My favorite city is a lesser-known town, the town Malaga in the south of Spain. It is known for its warm climate, beaches, and authentic cultural scene. What I like about Malaga is the style of the buildings, the climate is super nice, the size of the city; it’s not too big so it’s perfect to walk around and explore the city, the small restaurants where you can eat authentic Spanish food and the town squares.

Malaga is just much less ‘touristy’ than bigger cities in Spain like Barcelona. There are also some nice hidden bars in the town center.

Some of the other attractions in Malaga include the Alcazaba fortress, the Picasso Museum, and the Cathedral of Malaga.

Practical Info · Malaga


There is an international airport in Malaga that is used by a lot of big airlines. You can take a taxi, a bus, or a train from the airport to the city center. The city also has a good bus and metro system for public transportation.

Pros: Warm climate, relatively cheap food, architecture, many local restaurants with amazing food, beautiful beaches, rich history, lively nightlife, and proximity to other Andalusian cities.

Cons: Can be crowded during peak tourist season. It’s much smaller than Barcelona for example but that is also a nice thing.

Useful links:

Malaga Tourism:

Visit the stunning Alcazaba, an ancient fortress that offers breathtaking views of the city.]

Don’t miss the Picasso Museum

Cities in Europe · Arnhem

Arnhem is a charming and beautiful city. It is in the eastern part of the Netherlands. It is a great place for people who are interested in history because it has so many museums and monuments, like the Airborne Museum, which is all about the Battle of Arnhem.

There are beautiful parks in the city, like Sonsbeek Park, where you can get away from the noise and chaos of city life. Arnhem is also known for its fashion, and every year, people from all over the world come to the Arnhem Fashion Biennale.

Practical Info · Arnhem


From Amsterdam and other big Dutch cities, it’s easy to get to Arnhem by train, its about one hour. Thefamous “trolly” buses and trams that make up the city’s public transportation system work well.


  • Lots of history, cultural history, museums
  • Beautiful parks like Sonsbeek
  • Close to natural park “De Veluwe” with lots of wild-life.


  • It can be cold and rainy in autumn and winter, like all cities in The Netherlands!

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Cities in Europe · London

London is probably one of the most popular tourist spots in the world, so no introduction is needed. There are a lot of things to see and do in the city, from historical sites like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London to world-class museums like the British Museum and the National Gallery.

I’ve visited London recently and what I personally like about London is the nightlife. There are a huge number of bars and pubs that are just so typical English.

There are also many comedy clubs which are fantastic because the shows are really interactive with the crowd. Some people are drunk some are loud and everybody is just in a very energetic and still friendly mood during those comedy shows which is a very funny experience.

If you’d like to dive into the typical local English culture then I highly recommend to visit one or two shows.

I went to The 99 Club but other famous ones are: The Comedy Store, Covent Garden Comedy Club and The Top Secret Comedy Club.

Another nice and authentic local area is Notting Hill where you can find food markets with all kinds of food from all over the world, secondhand markets, music, art, locals it’s an absolute pleasure to walk around there.

Other parts of London can be really expensive!

Practical Info · London

Cities in Europe · Budapest


London is easy to get to from anywhere in the world because it has so many international airports. The city also has a large public transportation system that includes the famous London Underground, buses, and taxis.

Just take the tube brother! The tube is quite expensive though. A one-way trip is around 5 dollar/euros.

Pros of London:

  • Tons of places to see and things to do
  • A variety of food options
  • Great places to go shopping
  • Efficient public transportation system

Cons of London:

  • Can be really busy and full of tourists
  • Expensive!
  • Almost every night restaurants will be booked full so you have to make a reservation! Use the App Open Table for reservations. That one works perfectly.

Useful links:

Visit London:

The London Underground:

Churchill Arms Pub:

The 99 Club:

The Comedy Store:

Covent Garden Comedy Club:

The Top Secret Comedy Club:

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a city where old and new fit together perfectly. The Hungarian Parliament Building and the Fisherman’s Bastion, both of which offer amazing views of the city, have some of the most beautiful architecture in the city.

Budapest is also known for its thermal baths, like the Gellert Baths and the Széchenyi Baths, which have natural hot springs where people can relax and chill.

There is a lot to do at night in the city, and the ruin bars give partygoers an epic experience.

Practical Info · Budapest


There is an international airport in Budapest that is used by a lot of big airlines. You can take a taxi, a bus, or a train from the airport to the city center. Buses, trams, and a metro are all part of the city’s good public transportation system.

The Hungarian Forint is the money that is used in Budapest (HUF). 400 HUF is around 1 dollar/euro.

  • Beautiful and very uniquebuildings
  • Cheap drinks and food!
  • Thermal baths to relax in

  • Can be busy
  • It can get very hot in the summer

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Cities in Europe · Faro

Faro, which is in the south of Portugal, is a lesser known city in Europe that many tourists seem to miss. Which is exactly what I like about it!

The city’s old town is very pretty, with authentic streets and old buildings like the Faro Cathedral. Faro is also a great place to go to for some nice beaches. Praia da Rocha and Praia do Vau are two of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Faro has a calm and easygoing vibe.

Practical Info · Faro


Faro has an international airport that is used by many of the world’s biggest airlines. Faro Airport, officially Gago Coutinho Airport, is 4 kilometers from the city.

You can take a taxi, a bus, or a train from the airport to the city center. The city also has a good bus system and public transportation in general.


  • Beautiful beaches
  • Lovely old town
  • Chill environment


  • Not as many things to do as the other cities on the list, but it’s super nice to relax.

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