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How to relax on Ibiza? The commercial parties in Ibiza get all the attention, but the island has much more to offer. Stunning beaches and locations in a quiet setting  and plenty of opportunities to unwind.

I’ve spent time on the island of Ibiza numerous times, I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of the seven best ways to relax there.

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One-day retreat

A one-day retreat is a very chill way to spend the day. At first, I didn’t really see the point but after someone convinced me, I signed up for it and I didn’t regret it.

The day started with a yoga session followed by a full hour of meditating inside a cave like structure with a view on the see. It was actually the first time I meditated ever. After some relaxing with a cup of tea we went on a long walk along the coastline. The view was gorgeous.

After the walk we arrived at the area where you will find Time & Space. It is the Stonehenge of Ibiza, built in 2014. One of the founders of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, had it made.

From Time & Space you will see Es Vedrà. Es Vedrà is a small island, or more like a huge rock standing in the ocean. Es Vedrà is famed for its energy and for being the third most magnetic point on Earth.

Although Es Vedrà is constructed of limestone, so there are no magnetic metals there, there have been several stories of navigational devices being affected while approaching the island.

When you’ve come down to earth it’s time to walk back along the coast and you’ll feel super relaxed.

Chck out one-day retreat Ibiza:

A boat trip to Formentera

Ok if a one-day retreat sounds too much like work with all the yoga and stuff you should take a boat trip to Formentera.

There are many boats departing from Platja de Ses Salines.

The boat trip I took was a one hour slow sailing trip to Formentera. The sound of the waves slowly hitting the boat will make you feel super relaxed. 

When you’ve arrived at the beach called Platja de Llevant, on Formentera, it will feel like you stranded on a distant island somewhere in the Caribbean. It’s super relaxing to walk there or to have a swim on the other side of the beach in the see. That part of the island is only about 60 m wide.

Visit Sant Joan de Labritja

A nice relaxing thing to do is to go to the small town called Sant Joan de Labritja. In my opinion it’s the most authentic and cutest town on Ibiza with a very relaxed vibe. You will also find a hippie market close to the town.

If you can I would advise to rent a car to visit the town. A scooter is more convenient with parking but if you want to go to the beaches in the north and take some stuff with you, I recommend renting a small car.

Even this cat is relaxed!

the most remote beach of Ibiza

While you still have the car, an awesome place to visit is the most remote beach of Ibiza. Cala d’en Serra is a tiny beach situated on the island of Ibiza. Its super clear waters and remote setting have made it famous, but it is still fairly unknown.

Cliffs on all sides make it necessary to either walk or use a boat to reach the beach. Cala d’en Serra, one of Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches, is particularly loved for its privacy and isolation.

It’s all the way up to the north side of Ibiza. Because it is a bit further than most other beaches it’s never really crowded over there.

When I was at Cala d’en Serra in September during the week there were roughly about 30 people. The beach is a bit more rocky with some gravel but that makes the water so much more clearer than other beaches.

Watch the sunset

One of the best places to see a beautiful sunset is near the beach of Cala Comte. It’s a rather popular location so it might be crowded. Also, if you want to dine there, make sure to make a reservation at a restaurant or else it will be impossible to get a table.

Eat the best pizza at 17

Pizza is life so this has to be part of the most relaxing things to do on Ibiza. Eat the best pizza you’ll ever eat at 17 near Cala Tarida. The restaurant is run by Italians and they really know how to make a fantastic pizza.

We went there three times in one week because it was so good. Try to come early or very late to avoid the bigger crowd. You might have to wait quite long.

Because of the popularity the service might be a bit slow, but don’t mind that, the waiting is definitely worth it.

After dinner it’s nice to have a walk on the beach with a view on the ocean while watching the sunset. Make sure you walk to the end of the beach to catch most of the sunset.

Dinner at El Zaguán

When my wife and I went to Ibiza town we were looking for a place to eat, not knowing we had to make reservations… We walked around and couldn’t find any place where they had a table available. Besides, we wanted something that is authentic and local but couldn’t fin anything.

Until we found this place, El Zaguán. A real Spanish tapas restaurant with the friendliest waiters ever. We only had to wait 10 minutes before a table became available.

The waiters will walk around with hot tapas than you can take and you can take cold tapas yourself from the bar. The food was just sooo good! Next time I’ll make sure to go here again.

When you’re finished they wil count all the plates you have from the tapas and that’s what you have to pay. It’s super delicious and real Spanish tapas for an affordable price.

A man standing on top of a sand dune with his arms outstretched.

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