Wild Camping in Oman: All You Need to Know + 6 Best Camp Spots

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Wild camping in Oman!

Oman is a fantastic place for a camping trip. Just like you can camp in the wild in Canada, Sweden, or Finland, you can also go wild camping in Oman.

There are many things to do in Oman. But wild camping during a road trip in Oman with a rooftop tent is one of the most adventurous (and easy!). 

Staying in a fancy hotel is nice and all, but there’s nothing like waking up to the sound of the ocean, in the sand dunes or with the views of the mountains.

In this ultimate guide to camping in Oman you will find everything you need to know.

I will share all my tips, dos, and don’ts to camp the right way with a rooftop tent, including the 6 best Oman campsites. Embark on an incredible journey of wild camping in this breathtaking country!

If you are still deciding on how many days you should spend in Oman to see most of the best locations, check out my full post on How Many Days to Spend in Oman.

Table of Contents
Wild Camping in Oman


Camping is legal in Oman. Being able to set up camp anywhere gives so much freedom.

Renting a car with a rooftop tent is about the same price as renting only a car with a bigger car renting company, and it saves you money from hotels.

It’s much easier to see different parts and visit more places of Oman.

Roads are superb, even off road is easy with a 4×4 in Oman.


Sleeping will be less relaxed than in a hotel. You’ll hear unfamiliar sounds at night.

Setting up your tent will have to be done around 5 pm before the sun goes down, so doing anything in the evening will be difficult which makes your day shorter.

Finding a spot before 5 pm can be a bit stressful.

Photographing the
Sultan Qaboos Mosque

A wild camping trip in Oman: Where to go?

Although there are restrictions, wild camping is legal across the country. Wild camping is prohibited in several national parks, nature preserves, archaeological sites, and some beaches near turtle breeding areas.

There will be signs where you can not camp. If you are unsure, many times you can see the remains of a campfire at remote areas in Oman. If you see that you know people have camped there before.

Keep in mind that it is not allowed to camp somewhere longer than 48 hours. I’m not sure how they will check that but it is good to know.

Check out the 6 best camping spots at the end of this itinerary.

Wild camping Oman: Finding the perfect Oman camping spots

Wild Camping with a rooftop tent in Oman is relatively easy. There are several ways to make your camping sites and your stay as lovely as possible.

  • Make sure to find a flat surface when setting up camp.
  • Try to put the car in the direction of the wind so BBQ’ing, for example, is much easier and without sand blowing in your food.
  • Try to find your perfect spot around 4 pm. The sun goes down quite early in Oman, and you will need time to set up your camp and explore your surroundings.
  • If anything happens, it’s always a good idea to camp somewhere where people are in the neighborhood. Not too close of course, but if you see some campers in the distance, you know you’re good.
  • If its cloudy, avoid camping in a low area, heavy rain might fall which can cause the area to get muddy.
  • Don’t forget food outside your car. Wildlife can smell it and there is a big chance they will come for the buffet. Luckily there are mostly donkeys, goats and camels, but you never know. 

During the night I heard some sounds, which was a little scary! I made a loud sound by shaking the zippers of my tent and the animal ran away, I could see the shape of a donkey in the night. I forgot to clean the pan I used for dinner with some leftovers…

How to shower when you go wild camping in Oman?

Yes, that’s exactly how you do it! 

Use a waterpump for a fresh shower in the morning. Pump it up and your good to go, living the free life!

Why use a rooftop tent?

If you’re thinking about camping with either a regular tent or a rooftop tent; a rooftop tent is perfect for camping, just flip it open, and you’re done!

It also saves space in the car’s trunk since it’s on the roof.

Another benefit of wild camping in Oman with a rooftop tent is that you won’t be scared of bugs or other nightly creatures walking around.

A rooftop tent on a 4WD does have its limits in terms of mobility. If you want to set up a tent in a more difficult-to-reach location, then that’s not possible. You will have to use a regular tent and set it up there.

How Prepared Should You Be for Wild Camping in Oman?

It is always wise to pack enough for a camping trip. If you are renting a rooftop tent, many times it will include all you need for a smooth camping experience.

Essential items are:

  • Buy a sim-card at the airport.
  • Download the GPS app Here We Go.
  • Sleeping bags and mats keep you warm when the temperature drops at night, especially in the desert.
  • Equipment for preparing food, including a camping stove, fuel, dishes, and cooking tools.
  • Stock up on non-perishable food products, cans and lots of water. In the hypermartkets you can also buy freshly pre-made meals. It’s easy to just warm them up in a pan like some rice with chicken.
  • It’s better to be safe than sorry, so bring a first aid kit. Essential items include bandages, antibacterial cream, and some aspirin.
  • Flashlights and headlamps. Especially headlamp turned out to be super helpful. A headlamp makes going to the “toilet” much easier at night.

Camping Facilities in Oman

Basically, Oman lacks any sort of camping infrastructure. If you need access to a shower or flush toilet, it’s best to find a nearby hotel and pay a nominal fee to use their facilities. But I don’t think you’ll need it if you bring enough food and water.

You can use a camping water pump to take refreshing showers, and a bucket can serve as a reliable toilet alternative!

Pro tip: By putting some toilet paper on the bottom of the bucket before going number 2, you can make your experience more comfortable.

You will also not find any power outlets around in Oman unless you visit a hotel, so make sure to bring a car adapter and bring 1 or 2 battery packs.

Tip: watch out with leaving batterypacks in the car when you go out. It might be dangerous if the car gets too hot.

Camping in oman: Wildlife

When you go camping in the wild, you might encounter some wildlife. But, most of them are harmless. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some friendly goats, donkeys, and camels!

Don’t forget to clean up your pans and plates from dinner; food leftovers might attract donkeys.

In the desert, it’s a little bit more dangerous. Although it is one of the best places to camp in Oman.

If you are planning to camp out in the desert, you should be aware that it is home to venomous snakes and scorpions. That’s why a tent set up on the roof is my top choice.

If you’re staying in a regular tent, when dismantling it, avoid putting your hand under it, as scorpions often take a power nap there (due to the cooler sand).

During my trip, I fortunately did not encounter any scorpions or snakes.

Yes that’s a goat standing on two legs!

Scams to watch out for on the road

You don’t need to worry about being a victim of a scam. The Omani people are trustworthy, friendly and helpful.

But, I’ve heard about one occasion where campers wanted to visit the desert. They met some locals, who offered them to guide them to the camp for a fee. It turned out that they weren’t actually from the camp and led the visitor astray but they still had to pay.

Obviously, this is not the worst thing that can happen, but it is something to think about. Make sure to plan ahead.

Drone Flying in Oman

With the proper paperwork, drone flying is legal in Oman. It’s smart to plan ahead! If you want everything to go smoothly, you should start preparing the required paperwork a few weeks before your trip. Your drone will have to be approved by the government.

If you remember to bring the necessary documents for your drone, you’ll have no problem bringing it with you to Oman and enjoying it during your stay.

In case you bring your drone without the right documents they will keep your drone at the airport and you will get it back when you leave Oman.

More info: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Drones

Weather and climate Warnings

Obviously, Oman can become quite hot but it’s not only the sun that you should take into consideration. The landscape of Oman is very diverse and so is the weather. In Oman it can rain heavily, and I mean insanely heavily which can cause mudslides to appear.

I’ve seen videos of cars and tents being taken by huge floods and mudslides.

This is especially dangerous when you’re in mountain territory. If there is a flood it can be dangerous and difficult to get away. I would advise to check the weather forecast from official government sources.

Another thing to keep in mind considering heavy rain fall is that Wadi’s can flood very fast. The thing is, a Wadi is like a dry river/cliff, so what happens is that when there is heavy rainfall water comes flowing in from all sides of the country which makes it flood very fast.

Heavy rains can already start from March and onwards. In my opining February is the best month to visit Oman because of the mild temperature and less chance of rain.

Check weather reports here.

Wadi Tips

If you’re planning on visiting some beautiful wadis, these tips will definitely come in handy.

  1. In my experience, exploring a wadi can be a wonderful adventure but it may take more time than you expect. It took me about four or five hours to walk through Wadi Shab. You should pack some food and water in case you get hungry. 
  2. There are numerous wadis in different regions, so it’s essential to research and choose the one that suits your preferences. Consider factors like accessibility, difficulty level, and natural beauty. Wadi Shab is a long walk but relatively easy (with good shoes) and one of the most beautiful.
  3. Check weather conditions: Before visiting a wadi, check the weather forecast. Avoid visiting during the rainy season or when there is a possibility of flash floods, as wadis can become dangerous.
  4. A waterproof bag for your belongings would be very handy. Most wadis have water, and in some cases, you will have to cross the pool by swimming. Keeping cool and comfortable is often as simple as dressing lightly.
  5. Stay hydrated: Carry enough water with you, as wadis are often located in regions with limited water sources. 
  6. Be cautious: Wadis can be slippery, with uneven surfaces and steep edges. Make sure to wear hiking shoes.
  7. Swim at your own risk: If you plan on swimming in the wadi, assess your swimming abilities and the water’s conditions. Be aware of any hidden rocks, currents, or deep areas. It’s always better to swim with a buddy.
  8. At some wadis, you get to enjoy a short boat trip (only like 100 meters) to the Wadi. Support the local captain by bringing some cash to pay for the trip.

Going off-road

If you are planning to really go off-road in Oman, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Firstly, you need a 4WD or all-wheel drive (AWD). Oman’s rugged terrain can be quite challenging, so having AWD will provide you with the necessary traction and control to navigate through the various terrains.
  • Another important aspect to consider is carrying an extra tire. But, most car rental companies can provide backup transportation if anything happens.
  • Make sure to have a working Sim card to make a phone call.
  • Always bring plenty of water just in case.

This book is super handy. You can find all the hidden roads through the desert and the best camping spots, and you don’t even need internet!

In my experience, the well-known GPS app Waze works well for most situations, except for extreme off-road scenarios like driving through the desert. But for most happy campers like myself, this app works great.

Let’s Go is another helpful GPS app.

(When you get to the airport, pick up a SIM card!)

Camping at Beaches 

You won’t believe it, but camping on the beach is allowed! How awesome is that? Imagine, setting up your tent right by the crystal-clear waters and falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves. Check out this video from The Endless Adventure:

Final thoughts of wild camping in Oman

I’m not an experienced camper, a happy camper, but not an experienced one.

But even without any camping skills everything went very smooth the entire time.

Me and my wife only had trouble to find a camping spot one night near the turtle area, we eventually managed to find one, but it was already getting dark.

The most epic way to experience Oman is, without a doubt, to go wild camping, either in a rooftop ten or a regular tent.

Of course, wild camping in Oman can come with some challenges. You might have to deal with hot temperatures, wildlife (A donkey came to visit me during the night), and some sand in your sleeping bag… But that’s all part of the experience.

Plus, with a rooftop tent, you’ll have a cozy spot to chill after hiking through one of the wadis. Whether camping in the desert, the mountains, or by the beach, Oman is full of diverse scenery you can only experience by camping in the wild.

For more camping tips in Oman, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I rented my rooftop tent with 4WD car from Nomad Tours and Sights Tours. They work together so you can rent an all in one package.

The service was great, everything was really well arranged. Read more about my experience in my article about sleeping in the desert.

My Top 6 Campsites in Oman

Camping in Oman is allowed almost anywhere, so there are endless camping spots.

To help you make a decision, I’ve compiled the best 6 spots for you:

Find out how many days
to spend in Oman is enough

Camping site Oman 1 · Wahiba Sands Desert

My favorite camping spot is, of course, Wahiba Sands. Living the life in the desert! It is an amazing experience in Oman.

Camping is one of the best ways to get away from the daily grind and reconnect with nature. This is especially the case with the desert in Oman.

This desert, located in the country’s heart, offers epic views, an unforgettable experience, and an opportunity to really connect with nature because there will not be anyone around.

Wahiba Sands, which is also called Sharqiya Sands, is one of Oman’s most famous deserts. It covers more than 12,500 square kilometers and is home to many animals.

It is in the region of Ash Sharqiyah, between the towns of Bidiyah and Al Wasil, and it is easy to get to from Muscat, the capital of the country.

It’s only about a 4 hour drive from Muscat.

I highly recommend to visit this location when you’re in Oman!

Read my full post on sleeping in the desert in Oman.

Camping site Oman 2 · Fins Beach

It’s hard to make a top 6 of camping spots in Oman but I really like this location near Fins beach.

On one side you can see the skyline of the mountains and on the other side you will see the endless see. This makes it such a special location.

Fins Beach is in the Al Sharqiyah region on the eastern coast of Oman. It is about 45 minutes by car from Muscat. The beach is a popular place for both locals and tourists to go because of its clean sand, clear water, and tall, rocky cliffs.

You can see the sunrise and sunset, which are both absolutely beautiful.


In Oman, the summers are hot and winters are mild. This makes the Fins coast a great place to camp all year round. In the summer, it can get up to 40°C near Fins Beach, but the sea breeze is a nice way to cool off from the heat.

Camping site Oman 3 · Jebel Akhdar

One of the things I love most about Oman is how different the nature is there. From its rough mountains to its clean beaches, Oman has a wide range of natural wonders that will make you gasp (at least I sure did!).

And one of these is the Jebel Akhdar mountain range, which is near a canyon and only three hours by car from the desert town of Bidiyah.

Jebel Akhdar, which means “Green Mountain” in Arabic, is a stunningly beautiful area known for its amazing landscapes. This mountainous area is a paradise for people who love nature, hiking, and exploring because there are so many places to go and things to do.

How awesome to be able to will camp near a canyon!

Camping site Oman 4 · Sugar Dunes

There are many places to go on vacation around the world. From busy cities to quiet beaches, there are a lot of options. But some of the best places to go are those that aren’t easy to get to.

One of these places is the Sugar Dunes, which is a bit farther away than the other places in Oman but is well worth the trip if you have the time.

Sugar Dunes, offer a unique travel experience that can’t be found anywhere else with its bright white sand.

Camping site Oman 5 · Moon Valley

In the south-east of Oman, near the Turtle Reserve, is one of the strangest places in the world.

The area has a landscape that looks like the moon’s surface, with wide, empty plains and tall limestone formations. But what makes this place special is that there are corals that have turned to stone and are scattered all over the area.

It’s hard to put into words what this place is like, but if you go there, you’ll be blown away.

A long time ago, a huge ocean covered this area. There was a lot of marine life, like corals, in the warm, shallow waters.

As time went on, the sea level went down, and the land started to come out of the water. Corals that used to be healthy and full of life started to die off.

Over millions of years, sand, mud, and other kinds of sediment built up on top of the corals’ remains.

As the earth’s crust moved, the layers of sediment were pushed to the surface, making the unique landscape we see today!

It’s still a very unknown location. You have to drive off the road straight into the little moon valley. I just named it Moon Valley, I like it!

Camping site Oman 6 · Jebel Shams

The highest peak in Oman is in the Jebel Shams mountain range. At 3,004 meters, it is a very tall mountain.

It has become popular for adventurers, hikers, and people who love nature because of its rough terrain and beautiful scenery.

It is just epic to camp beside on of the bigger cliffs.

Summary Top 6 Wild Camping Sites in Oman

Wahiba Sands (Local guide needed)

Fins beach and coastline

Djebel Akhdar

Sugar Dunes

Turtle area (A strange moon-like land scape)

Jabal Shams, Balcony Walk

These camp sites in Oman are my favorites. More camping sites can be found at ioverlander.

F.A.Q. Wild Camping Oman

Wild camping in Oman refers to camping in areas where there are no designated campsites or facilities. It allows you to experience the beauty of nature and enjoy the freedom of camping in the great outdoors.

Some of the best campsites in Oman include beach campsites along the coastline, campsites in the Wahiba Sands desert, and campsites in the Jebel Shams and Jebel Akhdar mountains.

Yes, you can camp on the beach in Oman. There are many beautiful beaches along the coastline where you can pitch your tent and enjoy a night under the stars. On some beaches it is not allowed such as the turtle reserve area.

Always check local regulations or ask a local in the neighbourhood.

Yes, you can camp in the mountains in Oman. The Jebel Shams and Jebel Akhdar mountains offer stunning camping locations with breathtaking views.

It is recommended to bring your own firewood for camping in Oman. You can purchase firewood from local markets or camping stores in major cities.

The distance from Muscat to the best camping spots in Oman varies depending on the location. Camping spots such as Wahiba Sands and Jebel Shams are around a 3-4 hour drive from Muscat.

Yes, it is generally safe to go wild camping in Oman. However, it is important to take necessary precautions, such as informing someone about your camping plans and carrying a means of communication in case of emergencies. Buy a sim-card to stay connected.

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