A Kurdish Engagement Party

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Moving to a new country every two years

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Eventho I’ve only been 3 months in Kurdistan, I can already say that the Kurdish people are one of the most friendly and welcoming people I’ve met. 

Obviously, it’s a region with a very intense history. So, they really appreciate it when you’re here, showing you have faith in the region and really trust the current stable state of it.

I’ve already experienced numerous times where I didn’t have to pay for things, or they gave me extra free food in a restaurant as a way of saying thanks for being here.

After 2 months we met two lovely people, a Dutch guy and a Kurdish woman, they were getting married soon. We talked for a while and they invited us to their engagement party. That’s how fast things can go here!

A unique insight in an amazing culture.

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Chris Oberman is the founder and author of Moving Jack and has been traveling the world for over 20 years to 40+ countries.

He lives in a different country every two years which allows him to gain unique in-depth insights and experiences in new places abroad.

Quoted on Gritdaily.com, NRC Newspaper, Vice,and Feedspot.

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