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For its high elevation at the foot of the Grandes Rousses mountains, Alpe d’Huez has earned the nickname “Ile au Soleil” (the Island in the Sun). The French Alps’ Alpe d’Huez is a famous tourist destination because to its favorable environment (300 sunny days per year) and breathtaking views of the Oisans’ most astonishing peaks.

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How long do the ski slopes exist?

The resort first opened its ski slopes in 1936, thus skiing there is somewhat of a historical landmark. Alpe d’Huez, perched at a lofty 1850 meters, provides access to a vast ski region in France.

A vast territory on the slopes of Alpe d’Huez Alpe d’Huez, Auris-en-Oisans, Villard Reculas, Oz-en-Oisans, and Vaujany are the five ski resorts that make up this fantastic destination that will appeal to skiers of all skill levels.

What kind of ski slopes are in Alpe d'Huez?

The entire skiing area compasses 100 square kilometers.  More than enough for a week obviously!

There are green, blue, red and black slopes ranging from beginner to expert.

In this ski area, the tallest peak is 3,330-meter-tall Le Pic Blanc. It is said that on a clear day, you can see as far as halfway across France.

Because of the sunny skies, the resort might seem like an oasis in the middle of the ocean.

How many ski lifts are there in Alpe d'Huez?

Skiers and snowboarders will have access to the entire area via the 70 ski lifts, some of them are also accessible to pedestrians, allowing them to easily admire wonderful snow-covered landscapes.

Night ski slope, boardercross, snow park, slalom stadium, secure areas for beginners, everything is done so everyone has an active and unforgettable holiday.

How to reach alpe duez?

Grenoble is the closest airport with many international flights. The ski (or snowboard) area is only 1 hour by car or bus from Grenoble, 2 hours from Lyon and around 5 hours from Paris. In order to go to Grenoble and Alpe d’Huez from Lyon, just keep going in the direction of the signs.

If you are going by car to Alpe d’Huez keep these things in mind:

  • Driving in the winter may be risky.
  • Snow chains and snow tires are required by law in France’s mountainous regions during the winter months.
  • In France, you are required to have a safety vest and a warning triangle in the car at all times.
  • Rental car companies may not automatically provide you with winter tires if you hire a vehicle in the fall or early winter. So always double check. Please bring snow chains.
  • Bring an ice scraper and a small shovel to help you clear the snow off of your car.
  • Renew windshield washer fluid for antifreeze.
  • Motorways in France are paid for through tolls.
  • Every night, snow removal equipment will run.


Alpe d’Huez has a perfect skiing climate with 300 sunny days per year. The peaks of the Alpe d’Huez offer breathtaking views and a unique perspective of the French Alps. In conclusion, Alpe d’Huez is an awesome destination for anyone who loves nature, outdoor activities, and breathtaking views.

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