A Festival In The Mongolian Desert

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As I’ve done shows in many different countries, performing in Mongolia was definitely one of the most special occasions. A festival in the desert! Although the festival wasn’t that great… which I’ll explain later on. The beautiful landscape of Mongolia was worth the trip.

1. Mongolia

At the time when the request for the booking came in, I was on holiday in Bali, which is not really in the neighborhood! It was a flight trip of twelve hours (and I fell asleep on the airport that made me almost miss my plane), but it was worth it for sure.

Mongolia is a unique place. It has the fewest people on the entire globe per square kilometer. The vast majority of Mongolia is made up of grassland steppe, with mountains on the north and west-side and the Gobi Desert to the south. About half of the population lives in Ulaanbaatar, the nation’s capital, and also largest city.

Most of the times when I have a show there isn’t any time to wander around. But luckily, I had time to do some sightseeing.

2. The Gobi Desert

3. The Festival

So then it was time to perform at the festival. Abviously it’s not easy to arrange an entire festival for thousands of people in the desert. But the show production was far from finished. The stage wasn’t even finished which made it quite dangerous to perform there! The parts of the stage were being held together with rope and duct tape, yikes!

And the worst part of all was that the artist before me finished 30 minutes too early. So there wasn’t any music for a while when I had to go on stage so almost everybody had already left when I had to start playing. Ah well, it was a nice trip.

What To Pack For A Trip To Mongolia

Bring snacks for the trip. From my experience the food is quite different than what you’re probably used to. The hotel served mostly camel meat for example. And it was quite difficult to find more common food.

Bring some warm clothes! Although you’re in a desert it cools down quite a lot in the evening and it really surprised me so I wasn’t that well prepared for the cold tempretature.

Obviously in any remote area it’s wise to bring a good power bank. It’s possible to charge your phone at shops or restaurants but better safe than sorry. Also, don’t forget your  travel adapter.

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